Career Reading for Myself

It’s been a while since I have posted here. While I could make excuses, I won’t. Let’s just pick up where we left off.

I am at a writers’ colony and there are some here who have expressed interest in a reading. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with my cards, so to reacquaint myself with them, I’m doing a career reading for myself.

Specifically: When I return home, will I still be doing transcription? There is a secondary question of: Will things have changed?

I am doing a 3-card reading, past-present-future. I’m doing something I haven’t in the past, though, and acknowledging jumpers.

Jumpers are those cards that jump from the deck during the shuffling.

Past: III of Pentacles (reversed)
Relevant Meanings: Mediocrity, lack of effort
Analysis: I have been tired of the work I do and, as a result, don’t put forth as much effort as I used to. Because of this, a lot of the work I have done has been mediocre.

Present: VII of Wands
Relevant Meanings: Challenge, envy, strengths
Analysis: It’s true that I’ve been envious of people who do full-time what I would like to do and currently struggle to do part-time. The challenge, then, is for me to determine my strengths to get to the point where I would prefer to be.

Future: VII of Cups
Relevant Meanings: Dreams, illusory success, unrealistic goals
Analysis: While I may dream of success, my goals are unrealistic. I need to re-evaluate them and revise them to be achievable.

VI of Pentacles
Relevant Meanings: Helpfulness, honesty, good business sense, profit, wealth, reward
Analysis: I believe this tempers the VII of Cups in the Future position above. It does not negate that analysis but rahter indicates that it will not be long-lasting and successful change as far as my career goes will be soon in coming.

Page of Swords
Relevant Meanings: Curious, practical, sensitive, skillful
Analysis: I’ve often called myself an avid learner. The curiosity of the Page of Swords reinforces this. Changes in career will come about in large part because of that innate curiosity as well as practical application of what I learn from it.

Tarot Sentence:
Delay resists with unfulfillment.
Analysis: As long as I cling to the way I have been doing things in the past, my goals will remain unrealistic and unfulfilled. If I re-examine my goals and make necessary changes, I will move past the delay.