Gypsy’s Wish Spread

The question that goes along with this spread is rather lengthy, so I’m not putting it in the title like I usually do.

I wish to find an agent and get KIERNAN’S CURSE published by an RWA-approved publisher. Will I?

There are 15 cards involved with this spread. If the 9 of Cups, known as the wish card, shows up, you will get your wish. Absence of the 9 of Cups does not mean you will not get your wish. The cards need to be read to determine that. (Pardon the excess clutter in the pictures. My graphics program needs updating, apparently.)

Gypsy Wish SpreadDepending on which set of instructions for the reading you go by, sometimes there’s a single card in the middle representing the person asking the question/making the wish. Since this is for me, I didn’t do that.

I’ve taken pictures of each section of the cards, so we’ll look at them in order for the reading.

Cards 1-3Cards 1-3 represent what surrounds you.

1. The High Priestess
2. 9 of Swords r
3. Queen of Swords

The High Priestess here represents me and encourages me to go with my instincts, which, in this case, include pursuing an agent and publication for KIERNAN’S CURSE (and, by extension, the series as a whole). The 9 of Swords reversed, though, tells me to let go of my doubts in order to come through the difficulties the process may bring with it. The Queen of Swords show that I will come through “loss” (rejections) and cautions me to keep my emotions in check and not to let the rejections get to me. (As an unrelated side note, I’ve had 2 recently, so this is good advice.)

Cards 4-6 stand for your wish.

4. The Hermit
5. The Moon
6. Ace of Cups

Often, writing is a solitary endeavor, as indicated by the Hermit. Because of this, I have spent a lot of time alone writing KIERNAN’S CURSE and the other books in the series. He reminds me, though, that while writing is solitary, that doesn’t mean I am completely alone because there are others who can and will help.  The Moon can indicate there is something already in the works. (In this case, while I have been working on this post, I got a reply in my in-box from an editor requesting the full manuscript of KIERNAN’S CURSE.) Since these cards represent the wish itself, I need to be open to whatever may come because of it. (Back to the in-box, because this was from an editor and not an agent.) Aces tend to represent new beginnings and Cups is the suit of emotions and creativity. The wish for KIERNAN’S CURSE to be, ultimately, published by an RWA-approved publisher is a new beginning for a creative work, which could also prove to be emotional as it unfolds.

These cards indicate what opposes you.

7. 5 of Swords r
8. 8 of Wands
9. 3 of Pentacles r

Fives tend to be turning points in the Minor Arcana. I know there could well be some difficult times ahead. Perhaps this editor/publisher will decided not to accept the novel. The 5 of Swords reversed reminds me to be ready for difficulty so I won’t be surprised by it. The 8 of Wands  shows that progress is being made. It would be in my best interest to remember that sometimes progress is slow. The 3 of Pentacles reversed agrees with that.

The next cards show what you will realize.

10. 10 of Wands
11.7 of Cups
12. 6 of Wands r

I know I try to take on too much, as shown by the 10 of Wands. Sometimes it takes quite an effort for me to take care of only the things I am responsible for and leave the other things (that editors and the like will do) alone. The 7 of Cups reminds me that there are choices to be made and I will need to make up my mind and not waffle back and forth in indecisiveness. The 6 of Wands reversed reminds me o what the 8 of Wands and 3 of Pentacles reversed earlier warned against. Things might move slow and progress might seem to be at a standstill. Just because something is delayed doesn’t mean it won’t happen, though.

These cards are the outcome and represent what will come into your life.

13. The Magician r
14. Ace of Pentacles r
15. 7 of Pentacles

Ah, now to the outcome. The Magician reversed shows me that the creative process here could very well be delayed from how I would prefer it to be. The Ace of Pentacles, also reversed, tells me that I need to take a closer look at things before I go ahead. (For some reason, I feel like this applies more to the current editor looking at KIERNAN’S CURSE than it does to the question as a whole.) Some things my not be clear and I need to be certain everything is visible/out in the open before proceeding. The 7 of Pentacles shows reward for hard work but also reminds me that I need to mind the details. Ultimately, it will happen, but the work is not over.


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