CotD: Queen of Cups – Emotional Integrity

queenofcupsMeanings: Helpful, intuitive, mediumistic, wise, romantic, dreamy, empathic, visionary, faculty of imagination, sensitive, loving, generous, good; as an event Success, happiness, joy, wisdom. Malicious, false, easily-led, insincere, of weak character, chaotic, psychologically unstable, moody; as an event Vice, disloyalty.

Message: “Charisma arises when sincerity of feelings are in harmony with outward expression and behavior. Express your feelings openly and honestly.”

Analysis: A few days ago, I bought a book about discovering your psychic type. I said I was getting it for research for a character in a new novel I’m planning. I think, though, it’s honestly for me. I’m being nudged (sometimes pushed) to get back in touch with my intuition and empathy. Sometimes I resist, which is why I’ve not posted a Card of the Day for a while. Resistance only hurts me, though, and needs to stop. So with the new year, I’m apparenlty going to be acitvely getting in touch with my intuition again.

(As a side note, numerologically speaking, this year is an 11, which is a master number. A description of 11 can be found here. It’s a number of high, rare energy, which I think can describe a lot of what’s going on lately, both on a personal and a national level.)


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