CotD: VIII of Swords – Disturbance or Interference

tarot_8swordsMeanings: Lack of strength, insecurity, humiliation, standstill, lack of self-confidence, illness, bodily and spiritual exhaustion, helplessness, weakness, being shackled inwardly. Recollection, a blow of fate, restricting oneself to the essential.

Message: “When you put shackles on yourself, you hinder your own self-realization.”

Tarot Sentence: The simple Tarot sentence for this card says, “Interference binds with briefness.” The expanded sentence says, “Interference in an important matter by countless minor concerns binds the attention to trivial details with briefness temporarily distracting from the main issue.”

Analysis: People around me are sick with either the stomach flu or a cold or sinus issues. As of yesterday, I’m officially among the numbers of those with the sinus issues. It is a temporary distraction that interferes with what I want and need to do. When sinuses pound, writing becomes more difficult so I am more apt to focus on unimportant details instead fo what really needs to be done.