CotD: King of Wands – Vitality & Stability

kingofwandsMeanings:Strong-willed, courageous, self-confident, fond of risk-taking, enterprising, idealistic, generous, future-oriented; as an event good news, good advice, an unexpected inheritance, an opportunity. Careless, intolerant, bossy, selfish, go-getting; as an event good advice, an offer that should be accepted

Message: “Trustingly follow your intuition in your quest for your goal or your vision.”

Analysis: The King in this card is looking forward to the good things that can — and will — come from the hard work that has been put forth in the past. For me, this indicates that while the process of getting a foothold in freelance writing has been a slow one, usually based on mistakes I have made myself, it will pay off, and has already started to do so. My self-confidence as a writer has grown in the process. The good news the King is waiting on could be an offer from an agent or news on a book proposal I have out. Either way, it would be good news for me and worth the time it has taken to get to this point.