Miss Michele’s Tarot Reading for July

(Note: My apologies for posting this late. Family issues have kept me from being as current as I would like.)

Miss Michele is back for her monthly tarot forecast…

Since the first week of July was only half a week, we will start with the first full week of the month.

First Week of July: The Page of Swords indicates charging headfirst into new projects. There will be a positive but tumultuous energy surrounding Miss Michele and all her endeavors. And, as the Pages are messengers of good things, she can expect lots of new endeavors. Sharp-witted more than wise, Miss Michele may not feel entirely cut out for these new projects, but she will move forward without worry nonetheless.

Second Week of July: In the second week, Miss Michele begins to become more secure with her new projects. Future-tarot.com reader Miss Michele often uses the Queen of Pentacles to represent herself and, in this case, it means her best traits will emerge in the second week of July. It is also a card of “reaping what you sow,” so she can expect payments for projects started earlier in the month. Most importantly, it shows a newfound confidence, peace and tranquility.

Third Week of July: The King of Wands may indicate a strong male influence in Miss Michele’s life, or the stronger masculine traits within her personality. As www.future-tarot.com celebrates its one year anniversary in the third week of July, Miss Michele approaches the Web site with a new passion. However, this King warns that moderation is the key to longevity. Miss Michele is sure to be on fire with her intuitive abilities this week, which will make First Anniversary celebrations even more special and insightful.

Fourth Week of July: The Major Arcana Justice means business. Miss Michele sees paperwork, the signing of a major financial proposition. Early in the week, she will be judged and gauged, but it will turn in her favor. After all, she has worked hard for everything she’s earned.

Again, thanks to Brighid for permitting Miss Michele to share her tarot insights on these pages. Please check out www.future-tarot.com for more.