A Question on Relationships

This is a reading I have done for myself. It’s typically difficult for me to read for myself, in part because I tend to look at the more positive aspects of the cards because of personal bias/desire for a favorable outcome. With that in mind, and knowing I’m posting it here for others to see, perhaps that will keep me more honest.

Question: Is it a good idea to join sites like Match.com, eHarmony.com, etc.?

Past: Knight of Pentacles
Present: Ace of Swords (reversed)
Future: V of Swords (reversed)

Overall Impression: Joining such a site may not be a good idea.

Even though two cards were in reverse positions, all meanings of the cards are considered in this reading.

Past: Knight of Pentacles
I’ve had a bit of a lack of direction in identifying what kind of relationsip I want and in deciding how to go about getting int.

Present: Ace of Swords (reversed)
I have the intelligence and creativity to be able to find a relationship on my own without paying for an online dating site.

Future: V of Swords (reversed)
Only by deciding on a direction and knowing what I want can I reprogram myself in the thinking that I will never find someone for me.

Pendulum Corroboration:
Have I laid aside any personal biases I have? Yes.
Is this an accurate reading for me at this time? Yes.


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