CotD: Knight of Wands – Inspired Creativity

knightofwandsConsidering this, it is amusing to me that I now have the Knight of Wands for the Card of the Day.

Meanings: Spirited, willing, dynamic, fond of taking risks, creative, adventurous, inspiring, impatient; as an event a pleasant experience, new beginnings, a farewell. Selfish, intolerant and full of prejudices, too impatient, too fond of risks; as an event separation, alienation, thwarted relationships

Message: “Treat the world as a playground for your zest for life and love of adventure.”

Analysis: During this month of NaNoWriMo, I’m working hard on a big project. Creativity begets creativity. I make notes on other future projects while I work on the original one. Because of the writing and the creativity, a new beginning is on the horizon (also indicated by an interview I have with a potential client later). The key, it seems, will be in not getting too impatient over how the process unfolds.

Pendulum Corroboration:
Is this an appropriate card for today? Yes
Is this an accurate evaluation of the card? Yes.