There’s a New Deck in Town

Today, I found something that really spoke to me. A new deck. Celtic Messages, to be exact. It resonated with me even just touching the box. Having the actual cards in my hand makes my palm tingle. And they feel comfortable in my hand.

Although I occasionally read for other people (some of those readings are actually in this blog), I usually read for myself. So to see if this was going to be an accurate deck for me, I decided to do a short, personal reading.

I chose the Triquerta layout as described in the book. This layout is for short-term prospects for the coming day and responses to simple questions.

The layout:

3            4

1 – Me/my state of mind at the moment
2 – Current situation, can be physical or mental
3 – What can be done to improve things
4 – The Result

The reading:

1 – 24. The Field: Work

Life right now is centered around where I work. Since this is a short-term spread, covering the next day at the most, that would be here, at the Writers’ Colony, but also knowing that I will soon have to go back to work at the day job.

2 – 41. Cow/Bull: Usefulness, hospitality

Use this time to network and make new acquaintances. I have certainly been doing that and still am with the other two writers here. It also indicates a friendly and gracious manner without being flirty.

3 – 37. Brooch: Joining, building bridges, bringing together

Talk about the future. Be seen and be heard. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future, especially here, but now it’s time to start talking about it, and about how it impacts me, mom, and the business.

4 – 29. Ear of Corn: Harvest, accomplishment

This is a time of reaping rewards. Extra effort might be required (HA! for the now: extra effort – packing and cleaning up). It’s the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. (I have promises towards that with 2 appointments with people seeking writing services when I get back home.)

All in all, I think that’s a pretty accurate representation of where I am right now. With the way the deck seems to resonate with me, I think it will be accurate for readings for others as well. Despite the large roundness of the cards, they are quite comfortable in my hands.

Look for more readings posted here, either on myself or someone else, using this deck.