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(Note: Today’s post is a guest post by Miss Michele.)

For those who don’t know me, which may well be everyone visiting this blog, I’m Miss Michele and I read tarot with Serenity Bly over at Future-Tarot. I’m honored that Brighid is permitting me to guest post here at her tarot space. I’m going to be posting each month with a four-week spread of what’s in store for that month, with my own interpretations of the cards. I’m using the Hanson-Roberts deck tonight, although I have about five decks that I use regularly depending on my mood.

Like Brighid, I’m forever studying the tarot, honing my skills and refining my personal definitions for the cards. I hope you enjoy learning along with me!

My four card reading for June shows a significant month on the horizon with Three Major Arcanas.

First week: The High Priestess: This card, the third Major Arcana in the deck and represented by the number 2 (the Fool bears the number zero), represents feminine intuition, intelligence, platonic relationships, organization, and good business sense. In our weekly tarot chat last Wednesday, when I did a reading for this blog’s host, I described her as the High Priestess in her spread. And here she is, this lovely lady, marking a fruitful partnership! Her message couldn’t be more clear!

Seecond Week: The Hermit: A little background on myself. I am a full-time freelance writer and WAHM currently shopping for a house. That’s not exactly accurate; we’ve found the house and our offer has been accepted. We’re awaiting the contract. And from the looks of the Hermit, we will continue waiting. I also have a few client prospects on the horizon (most freelancers do, at most times!) and I’m waiting to hear back about those situations, too. Will they be short-term gigs or long-term relationships? Will the pay be what I expect? The Hermit tells me I’ll be waiting a little longer for the answers and, in that time, will want to retreat into my own mind. I won’t want to be bothered—which is unusual for me, as I’m typically quite social. But all this is setting the stage for a rather hectic third week.

Third Week: Eight of Rods: This card, for me, inevitably predicts a job offer. In fact, whenever a querent asks me if they are getting a particular job or not and this card shows up, good news follows. It’s all going to move very rapidly though – the house AND the job – and I’m going to want to pause to take a breath. There may not be time. He who hesitates is lost. But I’ll keep going, there will be plenty of time to rest later when I’ve got things under my control. Mwuhahaha!

Fourth Week: The Magician: This creative and powerful fellow has been showing up in many readings for myself and others lately. When a card reappears time and again, it typically means it’s sending you a message you haven’t “gotten” yet, or showing you that you have something to learn. What is this man with the infinite symbol over his head trying to teach me?

Traditionally, the Magician indicates learning how to manipulate forces and your skills to your advantage. I can only interpret this to mean that the job offer I get in the third week puts me in my own “element” and I will be comfortable in a position of power.

I’ll check back in to let you know how events unfold. And again, Jen, thanks for having me!


4 thoughts on “Reading for June

  1. Well, as we enter the second week of June, I really do feel like I want to crawl under the covers… no particular reason… Lots of work to do and concerned about the house (although I have no reason to be).

    Certainly accurate so far, although I hope to shake this feeling before week’s end.

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  3. The Magician often reminds me of ‘balance’. He stands between the heavens and earth, drawing his power from both. He is in touch with his spiritual being and the fool, who was grounded upon the earth learns that he is more than his physical body, begins to embrace his connection and balance within all things.

    Perhaps The Magician in this spread is guiding you to your own sense of connection and balance. With the multiple focuses in your life at the moment it is important, particularly now, to draw your strength from the elements around you.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the month plays out.

  4. Well, the third week of the month did move by in a blur… I couldn’t even tell you what happened exactly!

    As far as the Magician, it wound up having more of a literal interpretation. In the fourth week of June, I submitted an in-depth article on the significance of the Magician to a content site. It wasn’t published, so I will probably re-work it for future-tarot. But I gained a greater understanding of this card. In a lot of ways, I wrote so much in the last week of June, it felt like magic. The words were pouring from my fingers. I was definitely using the tools I have to manipulate my environment.

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