CotD: V of Pentacles – Material Cares & Woes

V of Pentacles

V of Pentacles

Meanings: Misery, desperate straits, betrayal, angst, being broke, financial dependence, bad luck, illness, loneliness, a broken marriage or love relationship, abandonment; but also to seek and find help, affection, sticking together in times of need. To make a virtue of necessicity, light at the end of a tunnel, mental strength in dire circumstances, to avoid collapse, difficulties come to an end.

Message: “Problematic situations, conditions, and feelings can be rendered powerless by focusing your thoughts directly on what can be done here and now.”

Analysis: There are ways in which I am letting someone else keep me financially dependent on them. However, I have been taking steps to correct this and there is, as the card indicates, light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a long time coming and the journey is not yet complete, but I am much closer than I would normally let myself believe. The areas in which this applies are money, writing, and independence.

Pendulum Corroboration: Is this an appropriate card for today? Yes, definitely. (Pendulum swung in very wide circles.) Is this an accurate evaluation of the meaning of this card? Yes.