Card of the Month for 2009

There are only a couple weeks left in this year. I thought about waiting and doing this on New Year’s Eve, but I thought I’d go ahead and do it tonight.

Query: What does 2009 have in store for me month-by-month?

January – Queen of Cups – Emotional Integrity

Meanings: Helpful, intuitive, mediumistic, wise, romantic, dreamy, empathetic, visionary faculty of imagination, sensitive, loving, generous, good; as an event success, happiness, joy, wisdom. Malicious, false, easily-led, insincere, of weak character, chaotic, psychologically unstable, moody; as an event vice, disloyalty.

Message: “Charisma arises when sincerity of feelings are in harmony with outward expression and behavior. Express your feelings openly and honestly.”

Analysis: January will be a good start to a productive year if I don’t give in to the trap of post-holiday blues that could leave me moody. (It has been known to happen.)

February – IX of Wands – Strength

Meanings: A successful defense, reflection, strength, dynamism, resistance, uncertainty, coming to terms with the past. Adverse circumstances, obstacles, misfortune, destructive forces, angst.

Message: “Examine external situations and internal conditions with all the force at your command and see how your personal strength increases.”

Analysis: The first of the new year always seems to see me faltering in my goals and throwing obstacles in my own way. If I keep going through these, I will be stronger for it and more apt to reach my goals.

March – Page of Cups – Emotional Objectivity

Meanings: Gentle, romantic, dreamy, friendly, sensitive, shy, spontaneous, cheerful, passionate, thoughtful, intelligent; as an event an opportunity to fall in love, a peace offer, to develop a talent. Sluggish, hypersensitive, selfish; as an event deception, seduction, bad news.

Message: “A rich hoard of dreams and talents lies hidden within you.” and “Plunge into the mysterious depths of your feelings and dream-worlds.”

Analysis: This month is about more than writing, but also about possible romance. That is good news for me. I need to watch my tendencies to be a wall flower at any events I may attend or this won’t be a possibility.

April – VII of Swords – Futility

Meanings: Courage, self-confidence, cunning, witty pranks, surprise attack, vindication, tricks and stratagems, betrayal, to sneak away. Malicious gossip, good advice is necessary, rash decisions.

Message: “Howsoever the world around you may happen to be, it is a mirror of your own self. Change your old, long-established ways of thinking.”

Analysis: Despite the changes I have made in 2008 in the way I think and approach my preferred work, there are still some things I hold tight to that may not serve me well. With the first being All Fool’s Day, it is no surprise that warnings of pranks, surprises, and tricks show up for this month.

May – II of Swords – Peace

Meanings: Contradictions, nagging doubt, indecision, to weigh up the consequences, illness, unforeseeable  consequences, a legal dispute, hostility. A wrong decision, a gradual worsening, ambiguity, faithlessness, deception, falsity.

Message: “Inner peace grows from taking responsibility for oneself and accepting one’s destiny.”

Analysis: Sometimes I think it is my nature to doubt and second-guess myself. It seems that will be an issue that needs to be addressed in May. The indication of illness reminds me to take care of myself, especially concerning diabetes.

June – III of Swords – Grief

Meanings: Lovesickness, despaire, a break-up, separation, tears, old wounds, a broken heart, repeated mistakes. Loss, psychological alienation, confusion, grief, old worries fail to fade.

Message: “Be honest with yourself about your own feelings and accept, understand, and overcome what you have experienced.”

Analysis: It looks like the romance indicated in March may be short-lived, possibly ending in June. If I’m honest with myself, I’ll move past it; if not, it will continue to be an issue.

July – The Fool

Meanings: Innocence, trust in life, the courage to take a risk, uninhibitedness, creativity, naivety, inexperience, love of adventure, violating rules and taboos, spontanerity, being carefree, love of novelty. Puerility, recklessness, careless stupdity, instability, chaotic circumstances, lack of consideration, shyness, taking to responsibility for oneself and others, thoughtlessness.

Message: “Show yourself to be unimpressed by societal norms, plans already laid, or sensible reasons. Dare the unknown when it beckons.”

Analysis: The Fool generally indicates new beginnings, whether actual or spiritual. I would expect it at the first of the year, but not necessarily at the half-way point. July will be a time of new beginnings, if I don’t hesitate. Here is yet another warning against giving in to timidity/shyness. (Methinks the Tarot doth know me too well.)

August – IV of Pentacles – Power

Meanings: Holding on to the tried-and-tested, established ways, and principles; provision for the future; greed; clinging to possessions; material security; forgetting the essential due to preoccupation with possessions; blocked energy; loneliness; inability to share; miserliness. Financial loss, fear of loss, resistances, delays, missed opportunities.

Message: “Power is the ability to learn to control oneself and lead others wisely.” and “Learn and practice how to let go.”

Analysis: Being concerned about money and things to the exclusion of work, whether writing or other, will be detrimental to the bottom line. Focus on what needs to be done in order to avoid that instability.

September – Judgment

Meanings: Renewal, coming to terms with the past, rebirth, critical self-examination, a clear faculty for judgment, good and bad become relative, change, liberation, healing, discovering old and new abilities, to draw up an honest reckoning, making reparations for injustice. Fear of death, loss, feelings of guilt, self-deception due to a distorted faculty of judgment, overtaxing one’s strength, excessive stimulation, reproaching oneself for missed opportunities, fears of failure.

Message: “In an incomprehensible world, give your life sense and meaning. Draw up a critical balance-sheet and find a new direction for yourself.”

Analysis: This month, I need to take a good, long look at what I am doing and how it is working for me. I need to change what doesn’t work. I need to be honest with myself because to do otherwise would cause self-deception and ultimately loss of something important, perhaps clients.

October – VI of Swords – Deserved Success

Meanings: To reach new shores, help, a journey into an uncertain future, to put old experiences behind oneself, brooding, being resigned to one’s fate. Annoyance, obtacles, to get in one’s own way, postponement of a resolve or an impending change.

Message: “Have the courage to venture onto new shores even though you don’t know exactly where the journey will take you.”

Analysis: Warnings against putting obstacles in my own way tend to characterize the year. I need to remember that things move at their own pace and I can only do so much to hurry them along. If I push too much, some things may be postponed.

November – V of Wands – Conflict

Meanings: Competition, a life struggle, jockeying for position, gauging strengths, a trial of strength, abundance, exuberance, to be on the right path, youthful enthusiasm. Quarreling, deception, contradiction, indecision, aggressiveness.

Message: “Learn to resolve conflicts without hate, bitterness, and accusation.”

Analysis: November begins the holiday season. Regardless of how good the family, there are bound to be conflicts and quarrels. Beyond that, though, there will be some verfication/validation that whatever path I am on at that time is the right one for me and I should continue on it.

December – Knight of Wands – Inspired Creativity

Meanings: Spirited, thrilling, dynamic, fond of taking risks, creative, adventurous, inspiring, impatient; as an event a pleasant experience, new beginnings, a farewell. Selfish, intolerant and full of prejudices, too impatient, too fond of risks; as an event separation, alienation, thwarted relationships.

Message: “Treat the world as a playground for your zest for life and love of adventure.”

Analysis: December tends to be a highly creative month for me. In recent years, I have made Christmas gifts, participated in a great deal of the cooking, and written a lot in preparation for upcoming contests. This month looks as though it will be no different.

In looking at the cards in their suits, there seems to be an interesting break-down. There are two Major Arcana cards indicating that events in those months may be beyond my control. There is only one Pentacle card. There are two Cups, three Wands, and four Swords.  Most of 2009, it seems, will be directly impacted by what I do or don’t do, though it will generally be a positive year. In laying out the cards, there were very few reversed. (In Card of the Month and Card of the Day readings, I tend to read the full card, not just the upright or inverted meanings.)