Thanksgiving Spread

Arwen, of Tarot by Arwen, designed a Thanksgiving Tarot spread some time ago. After reading the description of the layout and the positionining of the cards, I thought I would try it for myself.

The layout is:


6   2


5   3


1. Turkey – What sustains you

2. Stuffing – What completes you

3. Cranberry sauce – What you don’t get enough of

4. Green bean casserole – What you get too much of

5. Bread – What you need to share

6. Pie – What you should enjoy more

7. Blessing – What your blessing is in life

With that in mind, here are the cards for my reading:


HMan   AofS


4ofS   PofP


1. What sustains me – 9 of Cups

A person sits in a room, surrounded with the things they have accumulated over time. The sun is rising behind them. Things have been going well for me. Success and optimism for continued good fortune sustain me.

2. What completes me – Ace of Swords

The sword in this card is pointed up. With the crown, aura, and leaves, it indicates imagination and self-confidence but also warns against being weak-willed. In writing fiction, my imagination is a necessary tool. When I submit my work for consideration and have even small success, my self-confidence increases. If I falter, so does the confidence. The thing that completes me, then, is two-fold: Imagination and self-confidence gained through continued work.

3. What I don’t get enough of – Page of Pentacles

A girl stands in the middle of a field, looking at something she has either found or worked for. This is a card of opportunity, whether it is to earn money or move forward by virtue of news received. Up until now, I haven’t received much big news that would allow me to earn money or move forward, but I have had small successes in that area, so the other will come.

4. What I get too much of – King of Wands

The king sits on his throne, looking forward (which on the card is to the left) at what is to come. Sometimes I tend to be rather idealistic. I have noticed this tendency in myself and try to keep it in check, but this card in this position shows that I still have quite a bit of work to do there.

5. What I need to share – 4 of Swords

A person is lying down, presumably in rest, with swords within reach. The card indicates time for relaxation or going on a retreat. This appears, to me, to be a very literal card. I have an article in the works about going on writing retreats, either off somewhere or in your own backyard. If I need to share retreats and relaxation, it is time to send this article out for consideration.

6. What I should enjoy more – The Hanged Man

I have a hard time seeing The Hanged Man as a card of enjoyment/pleasantness. He appears very relaxed, though, despite his upside-down position, which undoubtedly gives him a new perspective on things. I talk often of looking at things differently. I need to do that more myself.

7. What my blessing is in life – 10 of Wands

A man has his back to me. His arms are full of wands. He is able to handle more than one thing at a time and doesn’t cower when life tosses a lot at him at once. With my different jobs (transcriptionist supervisor, writer, editor), I am able to multi-task and keep each separate, so I can handle what life sends my way and remain open for new opportunities.


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