Yes/No Spread

In reading up on Tarot again, I have found some explanations of spreads and their uses. There is an issue I have been highly curious about, so when I found this Yes/No 3-card layout, I decided to try it.

Question: Will (agent’s name) be my literary agent?

Cards (in order): Two of Swords, Knight of Cups (reversed), King of Cups

Interpretation: Two of the cards are in upright positions, which indicates “yes.”

The woman in the II of Swords represents the agent. The swords each represent her knowledge of writing and of publishing. The headband indicates the hard work she will put into it. SHe will decide, but it will be a carefully thought-out decision (as indicated by the Knight of Cups reversed) and could be a long time coming, so don’t look for it before the end of the year. The II of Swords indicates it might be as long as two months, which would put it at the end of the time-frame I was told a decision would be made in. The King of Cups indicates that when the decision does come, it will be favorable and that the resulting relationship will be beneficial to both parties.