CotD: Wheel of Fortune

(Sorry for the lack of images. It’s hard to find them using dial-up and even harder to load them to the blog.)

Meanings: Change, a new beginning, unexpected good or bad fortune, a new cycle in life, self-realization, the endless ups and downs of life, success, coincidence, love of risk-taking, abundance, the working of the laws of fate, work on oneself, perseverance. Feelings of helplessness, a change for the worse, the inconstancy of life, disregarding existential necessities, resignation, rebelling against events, unalterably adverse circumstances.

Message: “Don’t oppose the ups and downs of life, but pay heed instead to the particular significance you attribute to events.”

Analysis: The past few CotDs have indicated things are going well and I am in charge of things. The Wheel of Fortune confirms that but adds another dimension that a higher power is also at the wheel, literally and figuratively speaking. I need to keep with the plan as it currently stands.