CotD: The Moon

moon_aldebaranMeanings: Longing, turmoil in your psychological energies, a lively imagination, illusions, a final examination, to realise one’s unconscious powers, intuition, expanding one’s consciousness, vision, childhood, receptivity, heightened perception, clairvoyance, the uncanny, animal nature. Hallucinations, disappointment, moodiness, deception and betrayal, distortin of the facts, loss of identity, to succumb to chaotic feelings, calculated flattery, fearing to let go of apparent security

Message: “On your journey into the depths and heights of the inner world of your emotions, be prepared to encounter both good and helpful fairies as well as unpredictable monsters.”

Analysis: I have always been attracted to the moon, even long before I knew of its significance to astrology, intuition, creativity, etc. I feel the most awake and aware at the full moon. It is amusing to me how at this point where I am neck-deep in a creative project that The Moon card with it’s indication of a lively imagination, which is necessary (in my opinion) to any writing but especially to fiction. It is also indicative of this time of getting back in touch with my intuition, which I didn’t acknowledge for quite some time and am now getting back in tune with. Just like the actual moon has many faces and aspects, so too does The Moon card. These are just the two that speak the most to me at the moment.