CotD: Justice

Meanings: A good and fair outcome of a situation, giving up old habits, equilibrium, balance, fairness, weighing pros and cons, wisdome, a delicate sensibility, incorruptibility, a clear faculty of judgment, inner harmony, defending truth and integiryt, making compromises. Prejusdices, self-righteousness, injustice, indecisiveness, law and order, litigiousness, transgressing boundaries, blind faith in authroity, overestimattion, dishonesty regarding oneself and others.

Message: “You can do whatever yo ulike, or have it done. however, you must always be prepared to take the consequences.”

Analysis: This card coming up again within two weeks seems to indicate that a situation I thought was clearing up perhaps isn’t as cleared as I thought it was. The up-raised sword seems to tell me “You know there’s more you need to do” and the scales in her other hand remind me that I’m not balanced yet. I’m tempted to say this is because I’m at the office on a Saturday, but if I’m honest with myself, there’s more to it than that, but it is definitely work-related.