CotD: Queen of Pentacles – Practical Care & Sensuousness

Meanings: Reliable, warm-hearted, experienced, down-to-earth, good-natured, industrious, creative, generous, sensuous, mysterious, profound, affluent; as an event security, abundance, presents, a wedding, a harvest. Compulsive, stubborn, narrow-minded, unimaginative, corrupt, rough, avaricious; as an event betrayal, illness, mistrust, difficulties.

Message: “The more we accept and celebrate our lives, the more love and security we can give.”

Analysis: Current projects emphasizing creativity appear to have a good outlook right now. Sometimes being stubborn is a good thing if it’s used as persistence instead of mule-headedness. I’m striving for the persistence aspect of it.


One thought on “CotD: Queen of Pentacles – Practical Care & Sensuousness

  1. And the QofP is a nurturing woman even though she comes across as cold sometimes. That is her earthy side where she goes to deep into her own emotions to be able to give to others. One of my favorite cards. 🙂

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