CotD: King of Wands – Vitality & Stability

Meanings: Strong-willed, courageous, self-confident, fond of risk-taking, enterprising, idealistic, generous, future-oriented; as an event good news, good advice, an unexpected inheritance, an opportunity. Careless, intolerant, bossy, go-getting; as an event good advice, an offer that should be accepted.

Message: “Trustingly follow your intuition in your quest for your goal for your vision.”

Analysis: It was amusing to me to get the King of Wands for today’s CotD after having the Queen of Wands yesterday. Unlike the Queen, the King is shown almost in profile. Instead of looking at what’s been done, he’s looking ahead. That’s what I need to do. I’m not at a point yet where I can rest a minute and look at what’s been accomplished. (Yes, there has been quite a bit & I acknowledge that but don’t yet celebrate it.) I’m trusting my instincts a lot here since it is unproven ground for me. In order for the opportunities I’m looking forward to to come to fruition, I have to keep doing so.


2 thoughts on “CotD: King of Wands – Vitality & Stability

  1. I also see the King of Wands as someone who has finally reached a point where he can delegate some of his duties so he can step forward into his next Ace of Wands phase. 🙂 I think you are doing a really GREAT job with this!

  2. I noticed that as well, but it didn’t seem as relevant to today as that with the Queen did to yesterday.

    It’s odd how I got the King of Wands today after the Queen yesterday. The deck hasn’t been re-ordered and is well-shuffled. If I get the Ace or Knight tomorrow, something’s definitely up. lol


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