CotD: Justice

Meanings: A good and fair outcome of a situation, giving up old habits, equilibrium, balance, fairness, weighing pros and cons, wisdome, a delicate sensibility, incorruptibility, a clear faculty of judgment, inner harmony, defending truth and integiryt, making compromises. Prejusdices, self-righteousness, injustice, indecisiveness, law and order, litigiousness, transgressing boundaries, blind faith in authroity, overestimattion, dishonesty regarding oneself and others.

Message: “You can do whatever yo ulike, or have it done. however, you must always be prepared to take the consequencies.”

Analysis: The meeting I had with an agent this past weekend is, I believe, the opportunity so many CotDs pointed to. She wanted ot think about it, which is one thing Justice does, but did ultimately respond favorabley. The opportunity is still there as I have a deadline of no later than Saturday to get the manuscript in the mail.

Pendulum Corroboration:
Is this an appropriate card for today?
Is this an accurate analysis of the card? Yes.
Did my personal will impact the outcome of the reading? No.