CotD: Judgment

Meanings: Renewal, coming to terms with the past, rebirth, critical self-examination, a clear faculty of judgment, good and bad become relative, change, liberation, healing, discovering old and new abilitties, to draw up an honest recknoing, making reparations for injustice. Fear of death, loss, feelings of guilt, self-deception due to a distroted faculty of judgment, overtaxing ones stgrenght, excessive stimulation, reporoaching noeself for missed opportunities, fear of failure.

Message: “In an incomprehensible world, give your life sense and meaning. Draw up a critical balance-sheet and find a new direction for yourself.”

Analysis: It’s somewhat uncanny how often messages about opprtunity have come up in the CotDs. It’s also somewhat funny that I get this card with the message of finding a new direction for myself when I consider the conversation I had with a friend last night. I am definitely going to be going a new direction in looking for career opprtunities in an effort to get away from where I have been — both physically and emotionally — for too long and find me.

Pendulum Corroboration: Is this an appropriate card for today? Very definitely yes (strong “yes” indicator by the pendulum). Is this an accurate analysis of the card? Yes.