CotD: The Sun

Meanings: Vitality, zest for life, zest for action, optimism, the affirmation of life, understanding, success, lasting good fortune, a fulfilled relationship, marriage, the healing power of the sun, a clea faculty for judgment, self-confidence, the experience of unity, transofrmation, spirituality. Self-centeredness, arrogance, shwoing off, superficiality, over-confidence in another person, hypersensitivity, a futile expenditure of energy and effort, indiscrtion, a tendecny to play the know-all.

Message: “Everything is present here and now. All you have to dois accept it.”

Analysis: Accepting what is giong on in my life that is outside of my control is a step in the right direction. I’ve been wanting out of transcription, so it has been mostly taken care of for me. That will ultimately make it easier to move on when the time comes for me to go full-time as a freelancer. Success depeds a lot on accepting what has been done and building on that foundation while looking forward to the future .

Pendulum Corroboration: Is this an appropriate card for the day? Yes. Is this an accurate interpretation of the card? Yes.