CotD: VIII of Cups – Failure

Meanings: A painful disappointment, loss, separation, renunciations, sadness, melancholy, unrequited love, new perspectives, venturing into the unknown, The search for happiness or for great joy, festivity, the first steps toward happiness.

Message: “Venturing into the unknown is mostly undertaken with a feaful and heavy heart. Yet it is the firest step in the right direction.”

Analysis: There are several things changing for me right now. One is that I won’t be doing transcritpion. I know I won’t be staying in Eureka Springs right now, but I don’t think it will be much longer until I am able to be. Other changes, more important changes, are on the way, as evidenced (to me) by responses I am getting on oDesk for writing as well as for other writing projects/endeavors.

There is no pendulum corroboration today.