CotD: V of Wands – Conflict

Meanings: Competition, a life strength, jockeying for position, gauging strength, a trial of strength, abundance, exuberance, to be on the right path, youthful enthusiasm. Quarreling, deception, contradiction, indecision, aggressiveness.

Message: “Learn to resolve conflict without hate, bitterness, and accusation”

Analysis: The only current conflict I have is within myself. Whether I go back to Ada or stay in Eureak Springs, the time I have had here has helped to get me refocused on what is important and back on the right path (as far as my writing goes). The conference I am attending Friday and Saturday will further help with that. (Although meetings/conferences are not part of the meanings of the card, it occurs to me that the group of people shown on the card couuld be a representation of just such an event.)

Pendulum Corroboration: Is this an accurate card for me today? Yes. Is this an accurate analysis of the card? Yes.