Pendulum Practice Session

Another way to use a pendulum is to divide a sheet of paper into sections and write some realistic options on it. Close your eyes, ask the question pertaining to the options, and let the pendulum drop.

I did this just now.

My paper was divided into Ada, Oklahoma; McAlester, Oklahoma; and Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I asked, “When I return home in a week, where will I be going home to?” Three times, the pendulum dropped on McAlester.

I asked some follow-up questions:

Is this an accurate question? Yes.

Is that an accurate answer? I don’t know/cannot reveal.

Are the chances greater than 25% that I will be able to stay in Eureka Springs? Yes.
50%? Yes.
75%? Yes.
90%? No.

Is that an accurate question? Yes.

Is that an accurate answer? Yes.

Did my own will influence the outcome? No.

When it comes to reading/dowsing for myself on matters that I have a great opinion in, such as where I live or work, I always ask the final question on if my own will influenced the outcome of the reading. If the answer is “no,” then I accept the reading as it is and go on. If it is “yes” or “I don’t know,” the reading is highly suspect and I disregard anything that came from it.