Card of the Day: X of Pentacles – Riches

(Jen Note: I wasn’t listing all meanings — upright and inverted — on previous CotD drawings. I will be doing that starting today.)

Meanings: Success, familiar and financial security, a solid basis, homeland, good business, an inheritance, flourishing, domestic and professional happiness, equality, duration. A stroke of fate, loss of freidns of family, money matters cause problems, disunit, a need for recognition.

Message: “Prosperity and a comforatlbe life are in the offing. The goal has been reached. Enjoy it to the full.”

Analysis: From what I hear from MomBoss* and others in the office, I will no longer be doing transcription when I go back. They have found enough people to cover for me in my absence to take care of it even when I’m back. In that sense, a goal has been reached. However, in the senses of writing full-time and staying/living in Eureka Springs, I’m still working on and waiting.


*Please be aware this is not a derogatory term. I work for my mom. To distinguish between when I’m talking about work-related things and when I’m just talking about her in general, I started calling her MomBoss for work comments.