A Little Bit about Pendulums

We’re not talking about the pendulum on your grandfather clock here, but I’m sure you knew that.

About six years ago, a friend visited from Canada. She saw the crystal pendant necklace I wear and commented about my pendulum. I disagreed, saying that it was just a necklace.

She said, “No, you have a very strong natural pendulum there. As much as you wear it, it’s very in tune with your energies and would probably work very well for you.”

She gave me some tips for dowsing with a pendulum.

As with a Tarot deck or any other tool, you have to get to know it.

Place one hand flat on a table, palm up, or just hold it out in front of you. Hold the pendulum by a comfortable length of chain or string above your open palm.

Ask it, “Show me the answer for ‘yes,’ please.”

Your pendulum will start to swing. Mine goes in a straight line, back and forth, for “yes.” If it’s a strong answer, it will swing harder than other times.

When you are certain you know the way it will swing, say “Thank you.” It will soon stop on its own.

Repeat the process for “no” and “I don’t know.”

For “no,” mine swings in a small circle. For “I don’t know” or “ask later,” it stays still.

Now that you know how your pendulum answers, how do you know if it’s reliable?

Ask it questions you already konw the answers to, such as “Is my name ____?” and “Do I live in _____?” or “Am I an only child?” and so on.

I’ve used my pendulum in this way many times. There has only been one time when it was wrong, and I cannot say with any certainty that it was the pendulum. It could well have been me.

There are other ways to use a pendulum, but I’ll wait and cover those at a later date.